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Engineering Creative Expressions and Experiences



DJ Big A James Production

I love working with music and being a DJ. I work full-time and am a DJ on the side. I started djaying when I was in college using only Windows Media Player, iTunes, and an in-house set of CDJs. I have upgraded since then and use a DVS system (turntables and a mixer).

I love doing parties/events of all kinds. I am an open-format DJ (play across various genres).  I specialize in Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40s, Country, 90’s and 2000’s. I’m always trying to dabble with genres that I’m not as familiar with and how to incorporate them.  A day without mixing, spinning and scratching vinyl is like a day without sleep.

My undergrad career started out in Graphic Design.  I still do design work for fun and occasionally for clients. My work includes but is not limited to: logos, business cards, flyers/posters, creative pieces, reconstruction of images, and deconstruction of type.

Engineering Creative Expressions and Experiences!!